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Elina & Mark
July 4th, 2015
10 year wedding anniversary
Boylan's Barn

Making Your Wedding Day Dreams a Reality

Welcome to Boylan's Barn! Originally established in 1909 as Botinnis Villa. Our family purchased the property in 2013 with the plan to design kitchen cabinets and furniture in our wee barn. We quickly changed gears as we could not ignore how this place effected people in a special way. Nestled in the redwood trees located on a creek at the edge of a redwood forest. It's hard not to see why.

Please join us for a walk through, we hope you get that warm feeling you get when you find

"The Place". Not just any place, but where your lifelong journey officially begins. Congratulations to you both, hope to see you here.

Elina Boylan

Owner, Manager, Coordinator

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